Accessing Training Handouts

Currently students may access training handouts for Drug Abuse Recognition (DAR), Advanced Drug Abuse Recognition (ADAR), the Narcotic Specialized Unit Supervisors Course (NUSC), and Standard Field Sobriety Testing (SFST) online. Handouts are not available online for regional classes, and they are only made temporarily available for classes attended at Annual Training Institutes.

Step 1: Visit our Training Page

Visit to log in as a student.

Step 2: Login as a Student

Log into the website as a student. If you are on a computer you may use the login box which is located on the right hand side of the screen to log into your student account. Simply make sure that the select box labeled "Login As" is set to student, and then use the email address you provided when registering for classes as your username and your last name as your password.

If you are on a mobile device you may need to access a seperate student login page using the menu option "Student Login". You will also use your email address and last name as your login credentials when using this option.

Step 3: Go To Your "My Classes" Page

Once you have successfully logged into the website as a student you should be automatically redirected to your "My Classes" page. This page will contain links to the training handouts for any eligible classes, or training institues, that you have attended.

If for some reason you are not automatically redirected to your "My Classes" page, you can always get to this page by clicking on the "My Classes" link in the website header.

Step 4: Click on the Class

Click on the class that you wish to obtain handouts for and you will be redirected to a page with the links to handouts for that class.

Note: Only classes that you have attended, or upcoming classes that you are registered for, will appear in this list.

Step 5: Click on a Handout

Click on the handout you wish to view. PDF files will be automatically opened for viewing in your web browser while other file types will download to your device.

Step 6: Save PDF File

If you wish to save a PDF handout to your computer you can right-click in the window of most web browsers and then click save. Mobile devices or some web browsers may have alternate methods for saving PDF files that are being viewed in the browser.