Courtroom Expert Testimony

Salinas, CA - Monterey County Sheriff’s Office Main Building
May 11, 2017
Region I


CNOA and HIDTA are jointly hosting this course that is designed to provide law enforcement officers with current case decisions, legal updates and developing case law trends, followed by tactics and techniques for effective courtroom testimony, understanding and recognizing defense attorney strategies, and procedures and method for qualifying as an expert in court. This class will provide you with the information to successfully testify in the courtroom setting. A demonstration of courtroom testimony will also be conducted. Don’t miss out on this important training opportunity from the experts themselves:


Jose Marin has been a Deputy District Attorney with the Contra Costa District Attorney’s Office for over 30 years. He has handled complex prosecutions on major drug traffickers, homicides, and gang cases. Prior to becoming a prosecutor, Mr. Marin was a Special Agent with the Drug Enforcement Administration for 11 years. He was assigned to the New York City Office and Bogotá, Colombia. He received his Juris Doctor from Golden Gate University. He has taught Undercover Techniques, Surveillance Techniques, Search Warrants, Courtroom Testimony, Search and Seizure, and Asset Forfeiture classes, and is currently an instructor for POST and the Institute of Criminal Investigation (ICI).

Dirk Manoukian served for a number of years as a prosecutor with the Contra Costa DA’s Office before becoming a private criminal defense attorney in both state and federal courts. Dirk’s unique perspective, having sat at both the prosecutor’s and defense’s tables, has given him a wide breadth of courtroom experience. He is currently an instructor for POST and the ICI.

Steve Lynn served most of his career with the Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Office, where he served in many roles as a Deputy Sheriff, including corrections, patrol, marine patrol, and as a Task Force Agent with the West Contra Costa County Narcotic Enforcement Team (West-NET). Steve transferred to the Contra Costa DA’s Office as a Senior Inspector and is currently assigned to the Contra Costa Gang Task Force. Steve is a frequent instructor for the CNOA and teaches at the Contra Costa Law Enforcement Training Center.

Andrea Tavenier has been a Deputy District Attorney with the Contra Costa District Attorney’s Office for 11 years. She has been assigned to the Sexual Assault Unit, Special ProsecutionsGang Unit, Juvenile Prosecutions-Gang Unit, and Felony Trial Team-Violent Crimes Against Persons Unit. She has taught classes for the Contra Costa Sheriff's Academy, Contra Costa Sheriff's Department and California State Park Rangers Conference. Andrea is an experienced trial attorney. She received her Juris Doctor degree from the University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law.

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Monterey County Sheriff’s Office Main Building
1414 Natividad Rd
Salinas, CA 93906