Interview and Interrogation

El Cajon, CA - El Cajon Police Department
April 20, 2017
Region IV


This class will focus on developing and enhancing your skills to conduct criminal interviews and interrogations. The following topics will be discussed as well as hands on analysis of verbal and written suspect statements.

  • Obtaining a Valid Miranda Waiver
  • Verbal and Non Verbal Indicators of Truth and Deception
  • Nonconfrontational Interview and Interrogation Methods
  • Behavior Provoking Questions
  • Baiting Questions
  • Standard Interviewing an Interrogation Formulas
  • Setting-up and Preparing for an Interview, and more.

Instructor: Ambartsum “Harry” Yagubyan

Harry has over twenty years of combined experience as a US Marine and as a Criminal Investigator/Federal Agent. Harry has conducted critical Counterintelligence and Counterterrorism Operations in Europe, Middle East and Far East. He has conducted over one thousand polygraph examinations, including polygraphs on terrorism suspects, hundreds of interrogations on enemy prisoners of war and high value targets. Harry has trained Navy Seals and other Special Forces Operators in Surveillance, counter surveillance and surveillance detection. He also developed and implemented training for NCIS, FBI, U.S. Coast Guard Agents, and Criminal Investigative Division Agents on requesting and integrating technical surveillance, associated countermeasures devices and techniques into criminal, counterintelligence, and counterterrorism investigations and operations.

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El Cajon Police Department
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