Mobile Surveillance Training

Ontario, CA - Ontario Police Department
October 19, 2017
Region V


This course involves an in depth analysis of covert physical surveillance methodology. This class will cover the development of surveillance tradecraft, photographic tradecraft, vehicular vulnerabilities, tricks of the trade, surveillance focal points, discretion, surveillance reporting, terminology, surveillance types and responsibilities, critical situation decision making and judgments, radio communications, importance of area knowledge, counter surveillance detection, disguises, pre-planning, briefings and debriefings, goals & objectives of surveillance operations.

The course will begin with two-hour classroom instruction of definitions and purpose, types of surveillance, surveillance equipment, communication, procedures, planning, and preparation. We will also cover vehicle and foot surveillance tactics.

Students will participate in practical exercises utilizing each of the surveillance methods incorporating foot and vehicle surveillance. The course level gradually increases in difficulty culminating with a combination surveillance using, five to six, two man vehicles. The final practical exercise will be split up into two parts, conducted in an urban area, where students will utilize the techniques learned during the classroom portion. There will be debriefing of the scenario to discuss the strength and weaknesses of the active surveillance.

If possible, please bring an unmarked law enforcement emergency vehicle from your department. No marked vehicles will be utilized during the scenario part of the class. Personal vehicles may be used.

Instructor: Alex Naoum

Detective Alex Naoum is a twenty-year veteran of the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department, with over fifteen years of experience related to street, mid, and major level narcotics investigations. Alex has been assigned to the following Sheriff’s Department Narcotics Division Teams: Regional Methamphetamine Task Force, Marijuana Eradication Team, CalMet Team, and the Inland Regional Narcotics Enforcement Team (IRNET). He has spent a majority of his investigative time in major narcotics. Alex has hundreds of hours of experience in managing, monitoring, and being involved in active surveillances. He is utilized on a regular basis to train members of the Sheriff’s Department in surveillance tactics and what to look for in counter surveillance maneuvers

Member and Non-Member Price: $50.00
Ontario Police Department
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