Cold Stop Criminal Interdiction Operations and Trends

Fontana, CA - Steel Workers Auditorium
May 16, 2017
Region V

POST Certified Plan IV 8790-22251


This 8 hour course is designed to introduce the attendees with an overview of High Density Cold Stop Criminal Interdiction. California’s demographics make interdiction work an art all unto itself. This course will take you from the start. With what to look for in a vehicle driving down the road to your roadside interview; from the driver’s demeanor to what’s in plain view. Attendees will learn how and where to search, traps to tools. When is the use of the K9 appropriate? What are the options after a load is discovered, controlled deliveries and more.

You will learn case law, how to document your case and educating your district attorney. This course will have a portion on wall stops but is primarily focused on the everyday cold stop. Officer safety concerns as well as working jointly with other agencies will be addressed. Attendees will learn through case studies of cold stops, dozens of videos up close and person, they will be able to see the indicators with repetitive indicators present on different traffic stops.

Instructor: Theodore Peterson

Theodore Peterson is a sixteen year veteran with the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department. He has spent the last ten years working narcotics investigation, two with the Southwest Corridor Task Force and the last eight as a Criminal Interdiction K9 Handler. He holds a bachelor degree from CJ Park College University and an advanced POST certificate. He has attended hundreds of hours of job specific training in the field of interdiction. Peterson is an instructor for numerous criminal justice classes, as well as K9 operations and narcotics. He instructed at the 2012 National Criminal Enforcement Association national conference.

As an interdiction officer he has seized thousands of pounds of illegal narcotics, millions of dollars in United States currency, gold bars, and located over one hundred and twenty hidden compartments. His interdiction stops have not only netted illegal narcotics but have located weapons, stolen vehicles, and numerous other criminal elements. Peterson was awarded the 2012 National Interdiction team of the year and personally received awards in 2010, 2011, and 2012 from the National Criminal Enforcement Association for hidden compartments located on cold stops.

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