Criminal Street Gangs and Rental Car Theft

Imperial, CA - Imperial County LECC
April 06, 2017
Region IV

No P.O.S.T. Credit

Law Enforcement Credentials Required


A rapid increase in rental vehicle theft through the use of fraudulent credit cards and stolen identities has reached crisis proportions within the State of California. There is an uninhibited, lucrative vehicle theft industry involving the theft of rental vehicles, which has given rise to new innovative and sophisticated criminal enterprises. This new form of auto theft is nurtured by the lack of law enforcement awareness of the criminal activity. Thieves committing rental fraud know few cases are filed due to the lack of a law enforcement investigation, as well as an understanding a conviction is highly unlikely and sentencing under current law is minor and merely seen as a small cost in comparison to the rewards. This course will encompass all aspects of rental fraud cases, including rental industry standards, criminal street gang fraud activity, investigation, interview and report writing and case management. The instructor will include facilitated discussions, learning activities, and real world case studies to provide students with an in-depth understanding of investigating rental fraud scenarios involving complex criminal enterprises.

Instructor: Kraig Palmer

CHP Officer Kraig Palmer has six years of public safety experience with the California Highway Patrol, four of which has been in a plain clothes/undercover investigator capacity. He has been an investigator in Los Angeles County, and a task force officer in Orange and San Diego Counties. Palmer is currently assigned to the San Diego Regional Auto Theft Task Force as an undercover operator and cross-designated with the Federal Bureau of Investigations - Organized Crime Squad. He has been the case agent on numerous state and federal operations involving extensive surveillance operations of organized criminal enterprises. Palmer has been the recipient of the International Association of Auto Theft Investigators Executive Board of Achievement Award and the Western States of Auto Theft Investigators Gary Gray Award for his achievements in auto theft investigations. Palmer has personally investigated over 300 rental fraud cases, including criminal street gang rental fraud cases. He has proposed new legislation for the State of California specifically related to rental fraud cases. Palmer has also consulted on rental fraud cases for agencies throughout the United States. He is recognized as, and has testified in rental fraud scenarios, and rental vehicle related cases. Palmer is currently a POST IDI Level Two instructor. Palmer has provided instruction for local, state, and federal law enforcement officers. He has been an instructor at conferences for law enforcement and private industry in several states. Palmer has been published in several publications, and is court recognized expert in the area of fraud and auto theft investigations.

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