Electronic Surveillance (Wiretap) Training

Fresno, CA - California DOJ/Fresno Regional Office
April 03, 2017
Region VII


This 8-hour course is for peace officers, federal law enforcement officers and qualified individuals assigned to intercept and record wire communications ("wiretaps"). This class covers the legal basis for California wiretap operations as well as the practical and tactical aspects of operating and monitoring a wiretap. Penal Code Section 629.94 requires successful completion of this course before seeking authorization for, or participating in, wiretap operations.


Upon completion of this course and a written examination, students are certified by the Office of the Attorney General of the State of California to participate in wire intercept operations.

Who Should Attend

Qualified individuals assigned to investigate narcotics, murder, solicitation to commit murder, gangs, bombing of public or private property, aggravated kidnapping, human trafficking, or conspiracy to commit any of those crimes, and who will be involved in a courtauthorized state wiretap and those requiring 5 year State re-certification.


General Legal Issues, Electronic Surveillance, Pen Registers, Minimization Requirements, Preparing the Application, Obtaining the Order, Audio Minimization Exercise, Wire Room Procedures, Written Examination.


This is a tuition-free course for full-time peace officers employed with local POSTparticipating agencies. State LE, Federal LE, and non-California peace officers must pay a tuition fee of $101.00. Payment will be taken at the door. Payment must be made by check or money order to POST.

Instructor: Dale Kitching

Dale Kitching, Supervising Deputy District Attorney, has over 27 years of experience with the Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office, 18 years in the Major Narcotics Unit and 20 years as a Special Assistant U.S. Attorney. Mr. Kitching is recognized throughout California for his expertise in electronic surveillance procedures and has provided instruction to thousands of law enforcement personnel on this subject.

Price: FREE
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