The affairs of the association are conducted and managed by an Executive Board, each member of which is an active member or a Lifetime member of the association in good standing. The Executive Board consists of a President, First, Second, Third and Fourth Vice Presidents, Sergeant-at-Arms, Regional Chairpersons, and Past Presidents. All board members serve on select committees to assist in achieving the goals and missions of the association.

CNOA Board Members


Frank Hartig (Benicia P.D.)

1st Vice President

Mark Brewster (Los Angeles Co. S.D.)

2nd Vice President

Rachel Capello (California DOJ)

3rd Vice President

Angel Duarte (San Bernardino Co. Sheriff's Dept.)

4th Vice President

Brent Wood (CA DOJ/DLE/BI)

Sergeant at Arms

Glenn Walsh (L.A. Sheriff's Department/LA HIDTA)

Executive Director

Joe Stewart

Director of Training

Gil Van Attenhoven (DOJ/BNE Retired)

General Counsel

Bruce P. Wolfe (Van Nuys)

Administrative Committee Chairperson

Ugene Stephens (San Diego/Imperial-NIN Ret.)

Awards Chairperson(s)

Richard Verbrugge (Santa Cruz D.A. Ret.)

Conference Chairperson

Mike Kennedy (San Luis Obispo Co. D.A.'s Office)

Legislative Advocate

John Lovell

Legislative Chairperson

Robert Elsberg (N.D.I.C)

Magazine Editor

Gary Armstrong (Stockton P.D. Ret)

Membership Chairperson

Antonio Cruz (San Joaquin Co. Sheriff's Office Ret.)

State Adjutant

James Anderson

NNOAC Chairman

Bob Bushman

Marketing & Products Chairperson

Tom Lorenz (Glendale P.D.)