The California Narcotic Officers' Association is a non-profit, corporation dedicated to providing high quality training for law enforcement professionals. Since 1964, CNOA has grown to become the largest non-profit Training Association in California, with over 7,000 members. Our members include: local, state, and federal peace officers, prosecutors, law enforcement personnel, and other national and international associates.

About CNOA

For over 50 years, CNOA has offered the finest training available in all areas of narcotic enforcement activities to the dedicated men and women who are our first line of defense against the proliferation of illegal drugs in our state. This web site is regularly updated to provide another avenue for the exchange of information and new techniques to all those who are interested in the fight against drug abuse.

CNOA provides over 120,000 student contact hours to over 7000 students annually through Regional and State Training Seminars, and the Annual Training Institute. With over 50 POST certified topics, CNOA training brings accessible, relevant and affordable training to law enforcement personnel, regardless of assignment. For more information please visit our Training page.

The CNOA Legislative Committee tracks all laws that impact our efforts and educates the legislature when necessary. The Narcotic Educational Foundation of America (NEFA), a non-profit educational organization, furnishes free anti-drug information to the general public as well as schools and other organizations. For more information please visit our NEFA page.

Through ongoing fundraising efforts and contributions, we have been able to establish a Survivors Memorial Fund that provides immediate financial assistance to the families of all California law enforcement officers who have surrendered their lives in the line of duty. For more information on the Survivors' Memorial Fund and how to contribute, please visit our SMF page.

CNOA believes outstanding efforts in narcotic law enforcement and the fight against drug abuse should be recognized. As a result Awards have been developed to recognize individual officers, prosecutors, legislative members, citizens and companies. For detailed information on our awards please visit our awards page.


CNOA's Bylaws

Mission Statement

Since its inception in 1964, the California Narcotic Officers' Association has many goals for its members and the law enforcement community. To better understand the goals of the organization please view CNOA'S Mission Statement.

Past Presidents

Past Presidents continue to serve the Association and are voting members of the Executive Board. They also serve on select committees to assist in achieving the goals and missions of the Association. To learn more please view the list of CNOA Past Presidents.