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Someone has got to do something about this!

Family dies near drug lab
A young Los Angeles family of four was killed when an illegal methamphetamine laboratory accidentally exploded in the basement of the house next door. Their only crime was that they lived in a neighborhood that was invaded by drugs.

Cop's widow is afraid of the future
Leaving the cemetery, a young recently widowed mother comforts her children about a very uncertain future. Her crime? She married a narcotics officer who was shot during a drug bust.

Drugs kill kids!
The children? More and more of our 12 and 13 year olds are doing all kinds of drugs. Drugs can be found in every elementary school across our state. Drugs kill kids! They die from using drugs, and they die as a result of the crime that surrounds the drug culture.

The Silent Invasion is everywhere
Drugs have invaded every neighborhood in our state! No longer an inner city problem, drugs have permeated fashionable suburban neighborhoods too, and everyone in between. They are in my neighborhood -- and yours.

Good News! Someone is doing something about it!

Over 6,000 Narcotic officers have joined together and formed an association with only one goal in mind -- that is to win the war on drugs.

What do they do?
  • They train member officers in the latest prevention and apprehension techniques, staying one step ahead of the criminals. The association is the "advanced training institute" for narcotic officers across the state.
  • They Lobby at the state capitol for better laws and more strict penalties.
  • They teach the effects of drug use to school kids across the state. Warning them of the dangers lurking just outside the playground.
And now YOU can help too! You can join the support team!

You too, can be part of the same team of dedicated, selfless heroes that fight the daily battle to make our streets safe. Your financial support can help make the difference in the war against drugs.

Your donation makes you a hero, too! A small donation of at least $75 will automatically make you an official member of the CNOA Support Team.

As an official member of the support team:
  • You can feel proud that you have helped make a difference in the lives of your friends and neighbors across the state.
  • You will receive a decal which you can display on your car or home. This proudly shows where you stand in the war on drugs!
  • A $300 reward to protect your property! If your home or car is burglarized, the CNOA offers a $300 reward for information that leads to the conviction of the guilty (shown on the decal).
  • You will receive an official identification card, personalized with your name, that proves you are a member of the team.
  • You are automatically eligible to purchase official CNOA merchandise. Only narcotic officers and members of the support team are able to purchase this gear. Click here to see the merchandise!
Become a member of the team today!
1. Fill out and mail the Application for Support-Team Membership to the address below.

2. Send a donation -- help make California a better place to live, work, and play. For your convenience you can send your donation along with the order form for official merchandise in the merchandise section of this web site or, send your check, money order or credit card information to:

CNOA - Support Team
28245 Avenue Crocker, Suite 230
Santa Clarita, CA 91355-1201

phone: (661) 775-6960
toll free: (877) 775-NARC (6272)