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28245 Avenue Crocker - Suite 230
Santa Clarita, CA 91355-1201

Any and all questions should be directed to

Executive Director
Joe Stewart

Director of Training
Gil Van Attenhoven
(DOJ/BNE Retired)

Narcotic Educational Foundation of America (NEFA)
Lorraine White

Survivors Memorial Fund
Ed Manavian DOJ/DLE

Front Office
Tracy Toohey

Tara Leon

Sandra Barragan
Jose Barragan

Patty Quijas
Region Officers
The regional officers and regional boards of the Association are authorized and empowered to conduct and manage the affairs of their regional chapters in a manner consistent with the interests of the Association and pursuant to the bylaws and all polices, procedures, rules, regulations, directives and instruction as are from time to time set forth by action of the Executive Board of the Association. The regional chairperson represents the region as a member of the Association Executive Board.
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CNOA Board
The affairs of the association are conducted and managed by an Executive Board, each member of which is an active member or a Lifetime member of the association in good standing. The Executive Board consists of a President, First, Second, Third and Fourth Vice Presidents, Sergeant-at-Arms, Regional Chairpersons, and Past Presidents. All board members serve on select committees to assist in achieving the goals and missions of the association.
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